The ups and downs of procrastinators

Wow, I am really bad at this XD

Instagram took over and I quite frankly forgot about the blog. But then don’t we all feel sometimes that we just have that urge of writing things down?

Looking at facts I seem to get it every January!

So here are some more facts:

I have now been vegan for around 8 years
I love food way too much, the recipes creation, the smell of the first ingredients combined, when you know everything is still possible, the pride when it comes out delicious, and finally the sharing.

A picture with my (very) bad photographic skills, a couple of hashtags and a silly caption are just not enough to explain this love.

So I’m here again, once more, to seek comfort into writing about it (pretty much) for myself.

So be it!

I am the biggest procrastinator I know, but at least I never truly give up 🙂

Coming back soon with my recipes because I decided so!