The ups and downs of procrastinators

Wow, I am really bad at this XD

Instagram took over and I quite frankly forgot about the blog. But then don’t we all feel sometimes that we just have that urge of writing things down?

Looking at facts I seem to get it every January!

So here are some more facts:

I have now been vegan for around 8 years
I love food way too much, the recipes creation, the smell of the first ingredients combined, when you know everything is still possible, the pride when it comes out delicious, and finally the sharing.

A picture with my (very) bad photographic skills, a couple of hashtags and a silly caption are just not enough to explain this love.

So I’m here again, once more, to seek comfort into writing about it (pretty much) for myself.

So be it!

I am the biggest procrastinator I know, but at least I never truly give up 🙂

Coming back soon with my recipes because I decided so!


Back to the future

I’m currently writing from a very uncomfortable metal bench at the Barcelona Airport and it’s 2:45 am. After a few days here on holiday eating lovely vegan food, meeting old friends and celebrating the beginning of a new year, I came to the conclusion that I had to gather my old, pending, dusty projects and either make something of them or just discard them forever as you do with old clothes, unused shoes or bad friends. This blog has meant a lot to me, and it’s always been more a diary for me than a proper project. I wanted to keep track of my holidays, of my favourite recipes and meet new people with the same interests to learn and be inspired. Eventually life took over, or my unorganised schedule we may say, and I thought I didn’t have time for it anymore. But whenever I had the chance I thought of it with bitterness as it actually is important to me, and today, from this cold and sleepless iron mattress I’ve decided that it’s a “keep”! Happy new year everybody. Make it a vegan one! 😉 
Here some of the delicious dishes I tried here during my stay in Barcelona.
Vegan paella! Directly from The Spanish Masters


And New Years dinner!

A dish of seitan and ravioli. 

And for dessert cheesecake and cream Catalana, all vegan!

Also, walking around the city, we found some perks…

This veggie bar had amazing burgers and great artisanal beers. Highly recommended!
And finally, greetings from this lovely city and from me (Bloody Mary included!)


Vegan lasagna

Ciao a tutti e bentornati. Con il caldo estivo e la poca voglia di cucinare spesso tendiamo ad evitare piatti elaborati in questo periodo, ma questa ricetta si è svelata veloce, veramente deliziosa e per nulla pesante. Si adatta bene a tutte le stagioni sia per gusto che per ingredienti, facili da reperire tutto l’anno e apprezzata da tutti, vegani e non 😉


Ingredienti per due persone:
– una melanzana
– due zucchine
– una manciata di pomodorini
– 3 foglie di verza
– qualche foglia di radicchio (abbastanza da coprire il fondo della teglia)
– due manciate di spinaci
– una noce di burro vegetale
– rosmarino
– basilico
– un peperoncino
– olio e sale q.b.
– pepe nero
– farina

Preparate le melanzane fritte per tempo, tagliandole a fettine sottili e cospargendole di sale per rilasciare l’acqua; quando si saranno ammosciate asciugatele bene e infarinate. Io le ho fritte in un misto di olii vegetali fatto da me con olio di soia e cocco, la frittura in questo modo risulta molto delicata e non pesante.



A parte preparate la salsa facendo bollire a lungo le zucchine tagliate precedentemente a rondelle e mescolandole nel mixer poi con i pomodorini, una manciata di rosmarino, olio, sale e pepe e un po’ d’acqua di cottura.


In un altro pentolino sbollentate le foglie di verza in acqua con qualche goccia d’olio evo, il peperoncino, sale e pepe.
Nel terzo pentolino fate cuocere gli spinaci nel burro.

Infine preparate la terrina disponendo alla base un po’ di sugo e un po’ d’acqua di cottura delle verze, il primo strato sarà quello di radicchio a crudo, il secondo quello delle foglie di verza. Man mano che iniziate a predisporre gli ingredienti stendere uno strato sottile di sugo.


Gli altri strati saranno: melanzane, sugo, basilico, spinaci, melanzane e sugo alla fine.



Il risultato ha sorpreso anche me! Una ricetta cremosa senza bisogno di surrogati del formaggio, leggera perché senza pasta e digeribile perché priva anche di cipolla e/o aglio. Si può, ovviamente, modificare in base ai gusti e alle necessità di dieta, ma in ogni caso è stata una ricetta riuscitissima!
Spero gradiate anche voi.

#nofilter mixed veggies with a twist

Ciao a tutti, io sono da sempre una grande fan di piatti misti e questo meraviglioso piatto ha fatto la sua figura seppur semplicissimo.
Organizzate nel piatto a mo’ di 4 stagioni: insalata di valeriana con olio evo, succo di limone e semi di cumino; broccoli lessati con una spruzzata di succo di limone; melanzane grigliate con aglio e origano e un filo d’olio, pita ripiena di funghi alla griglia tirati col vino rosso (io ho usato il primitivo di Manduria).


Yummy, good for you and cruelty free!!

The Vegan Food Feast

We have this big misconception of a plant-based diet that I really want to fight. A vegan diet is a beautiful gift to your body, mind and soul, not to mention the positive impact that it has on animals, the planet and your health in general. I get often asked what do I eat, where do I get my proteins, if I am always hungry, if I don’t feel weak etc… The answer to all of this question is “try it yourself”! During our lives, we women in particular, follow an incredible amount of diets, to lose weight, to tone up, for health issues, to get tanned easily, to improve our skins and so on… Why don’t you give THIS diet, this lifestyle a shot!? This doesn’t mean that you have to become vegan in 24 hours, sometimes it takes years, most of the times the overall feeling of physical and mental well-being pushes people to start going vegetarian and then realising that they don’t really need animal products at all in just a few days. It doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you stop procrastinating and take action, try it, you can always go back, but at least this time you will be aware of the feeling you get being 100% cruelty free and one with nature, yes, even if you live in Rome, NY, London or whatever big busy complicated city and related lifestyle. I have been vegan in London and Brussels and the point is: if you believe in it you can make it happen no matter what. So stop testing, stop killing, start loving. This is my motto and it keeps me going everyday.
Now, this post is addressed to everyone that really wants to try at least to go 50% vegetarian or vegan, which means including at least one completely plant-based dish in your daily meals. I collected some recipes or meal examples that include prepacked foods and 100% home made foods, I usually go for the latter option, but sometimes there’s just not enough time. Just to be clear, there is no vegan police that is going to blame you and make you feel guilty if you rely a bit on packed foods or fake-meat options, or if you want to enjoy a beer with your friends here and there, just try your best and you will not regret it. 🙂

CHAPTER ONE – The cooked carbohydrates aka grains and baked products

Some simple pasta dishes


Simple pasta salad with fresh chopped tomatoes and oregano












pasta 2

Wholegrain pasta with courgettes and mushrooms

Sardinian pasta with tomato sauce

Sardinian pasta with tomato sauce 

Pasta with mushrooms, white wine and soy cream

Pasta with mushrooms, white wine and soy cream


pasta "primavera", mushrooms, carrots, turmeric, tomatoes and rocket salad

pasta “primavera”, mushrooms, carrots, turmeric and rocket salad

Pink pasta: courgettes, carrots, tomatoes,  garlic, cayenne pepper, turmeric, sunflower seeds and soy cream

Pink pasta: courgettes, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, cayenne pepper, turmeric, sunflower seeds and soy cream















































Other grains (rice, quinoa, millet, bulgur, cous cous etc…)

Boiled jasmine rice, spinach and red cabbage with cumin seeds

Boiled jasmine rice, spinach and red cabbage with cumin seeds


cous cous with vegan felafel and veggies

Cous cous with felafel and veggies



Quinoa and tomatoes salad

Quinoa and tomatoes salad





turmeric and tomato rice with salad

Turmeric and tomato rice with salad


Artichokes boiled in water and apple cider vinegar with some black pepper and boiled basmati rice

Artichokes boiled in water and apple cider vinegar with some black pepper and boiled basmati rice


green asparagus risotto

Green asparagus risotto



Boiled rice with courgettes and rocket salad

Boiled rice with courgettes and rocket salad

Bread, sandwiches, paninis, toasts

slightly grilled courgettes with spinach and 100% black olives tapenade

Slightly grilled courgettes with spinach and 100% black olives tapenade


avocado, courgettes, tomatoes, half a lemon squeezed and black pepper

Avocado, courgettes, tomatoes, half a lemon squeezed and black pepper on toasted bread


toasted bread, green peas, tomatoes and grilled mushrooms

Toasted bread, green peas, tomatoes and grilled mushrooms


Simple spinach and grilled courgettes tortilla

Simple spinach and grilled courgettes tortilla



































So, this first post aims at showing you that you can eat delicious everyday vegan food with simple ingredients that you already have in the fridge! Vegan food is easy and stress-free, do not get fooled by all those gourmet blogs, books and YouTube channels, those are there for your special occasions, for dinners with your friends. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to impress someone to eventually get them closer to this lifestyle, but don’t over-complicate YOUR life. Hope you enjoyed this post and if you want more info about everyday meal solutions keep reading the incoming Chapter two 😉


#nofilter vegan nut free, soy free, gluten free crêpes/pancakes!

Per colazione, brunch, pranzo, cena, spuntino…poco importa, quel che conta è che dopo tre tentativi falliti di creare una ricetta “leggerissima” per le crêpes e 100% vegana ci sono riuscita!!!

Le crêpes salate erano uno dei miei piatti preferiti e questa ricetta semplice e veloce vi farà scoprire un tipo di crêpe che non resta sullo stomaco, anzi, vi sentirete leggeri dopo il pasto. Tutte le ricette online prevedevano sempre una percentuale di un’altra farina insieme a quella di riso, perchè, dicevano, non si sarebbe addensata, ma in molti casi la farina aggiunta conteneva anche glutine. Non che io abbia qualcosa contro lo stesso personalmente, ma so che molte persone, seppur non allergiche o intolleranti, preferiscono evitarlo.  Perfette per la colazione, la ricetta si può variare leggermente per renderle dolci, ecco a voi le crêpes 100% alla farina di riso, senza glutine e cruelty free.

Ingredienti per 4 crêpes:

– una tazza circa di farina di riso

– un bicchiere circa di latte vegetale (io ho usato una miscela di latte di cocco e latte di riso)

– un cucchiaio circa di zucchina grattugiata finemente

– un pizzico di curcuma (ed eventualmente altre spezie che vi piacciono)

– pepe e sale q.b.

opzionale: un paio di gocce di olio evo

– burro di soia o altro burro vegetale per la padella


In questa ricetta è importante, come ho scoperto, non usare l’olio per la padella, altrimenti la crêpe riuscirà particolarmente croccante o si sfalderà in pezzi. La temperatura del fuoco deve essere medio-alta ed è meglio usare un mestolo piccolino per versare il composto, in quanto più piccola la crêpe (da qui l’eventuale denominazione “pancake” in alternativa) più sicuro il risultato.

Condite come volete e bon appetit!

Il mio contorno consisteva di funghi e fagioli ripassati in padella con olio, pepe e peperoncino.