Back to the future

I’m currently writing from a very uncomfortable metal bench at the Barcelona Airport and it’s 2:45 am. After a few days here on holiday eating lovely vegan food, meeting old friends and celebrating the beginning of a new year, I came to the conclusion that I had to gather my old, pending, dusty projects and either make something of them or just discard them forever as you do with old clothes, unused shoes or bad friends. This blog has meant a lot to me, and it’s always been more a diary for me than a proper project. I wanted to keep track of my holidays, of my favourite recipes and meet new people with the same interests to learn and be inspired. Eventually life took over, or my unorganised schedule we may say, and I thought I didn’t have time for it anymore. But whenever I had the chance I thought of it with bitterness as it actually is important to me, and today, from this cold and sleepless iron mattress I’ve decided that it’s a “keep”! Happy new year everybody. Make it a vegan one! 😉 
Here some of the delicious dishes I tried here during my stay in Barcelona.
Vegan paella! Directly from The Spanish Masters


And New Years dinner!

A dish of seitan and ravioli. 

And for dessert cheesecake and cream Catalana, all vegan!

Also, walking around the city, we found some perks…

This veggie bar had amazing burgers and great artisanal beers. Highly recommended!
And finally, greetings from this lovely city and from me (Bloody Mary included!)